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Following are some ballpark figures of what we charge for our services. Of course, we also do work for flat project fees and offer discounts for non-profit organizations. Please contact us for an estimate.
General Pricing Guidelines:
 Email Newsletter: $300
 Website Forum or Calendar Application: $500
 Website Content Management System: $500-$3000
 Hourly front-end (HTML, stylesheets, scripting) coding: $75/hour
 Hourly back-end (content management, form processing) programming: $90/hour
 Hourly database (planning, normalization) analysis: $100/hour
 Hourly project management: $90/hour
Civet, common name for about 30 species of somewhat catlike, carnivorous mammals. Civets are native to the warm regions of southeast Asia, southern Europe, and Africa. They have a long body about the size of a domestic cat, short legs, a tapered head with small ears, and a long, bushy tail.
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